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The Intersection of Faith and Technology: How does the book navigate the complex relationship between faith and the advancements in Artificial Intelligence, exploring how these two seemingly disparate realms intersect and influence each other? Ethical Considerations: Dive into the ethical implications of AI and how faith traditions can contribute to the ongoing conversation. Discuss topics such as machine sentience, human responsibility in programming AI, and the potential impact on human dignity.
Ancient Wisdom in the Modern Age: Explore the significance of drawing upon the wisdom of philosophers and spiritual figures from ancient times to shed light on the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in the contemporary world.  

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Artificial Intelligence, the human genome project, brain implants...

The world is understandably worried.

Fortunately, this isn’t the first time humanity has faced such uncertainty. In Faith in the Age of AI, pastor, scholar, and counselor Dan Scott invites you to learn what revered early writers—from Plato to St. Paul, and Laozi to C.S. Lewis—have already said about faith in the age of artificial intelligence.


Ancient wisdom meets modern fears. Explore "Faith in the Age of AI" by Dan Scott—a captivating dive into faith and science. From Plato to C.S. Lewis, discover the secrets of the past to navigate an uncertain future. Get your copy now and find solace in the wisdom of the ages.


Decode the wisdom of the ages for our new era of artificial intelligence. "Faith in the Age of AI" by Dan Scott is a captivating journey into the intersection of faith and science. From Plato to C.S. Lewis, discover ancient insights that address our modern fears. Get your copy now and navigate the uncharted territory of the digital era with confidence.

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