Imagine having lived in the generation that discovered fire.

Very swiftly, current scientific and technological advances will reorder our lives just as much. Artificial Intelligence, decoding the human genome, links between mind and computer… All these things that were once science fiction are now quickly—and absolutely—becoming science fact.

Could machines become sentient?
Is “life” a computer simulation?
Does science really have a genetic blueprint for all human life?

Believers and unbelievers alike are easily unnerved by such questions. Interestingly though, early Christians, mathematicians, scientists, and philosophers have already addressed these kinds of issues. And they have much to say about our “curiouser and curiouser” new world.


In Faith in the Age of AI, pastor, priest, scholar, and counselor Dan Scott invites you to learn what these hallowed ancient voices might have said about faith in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

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Elicia Hyder

Author & Publisher

I’ve been following the AI revolution since the beginning, so I was thrilled to be among the first to read FAITH IN THE AGE OF AI. I truly believe this may be one of the most important reads of our time. There’s enough anxiety surrounding technology, but Dan Scott provides a calming voice of reason, hope, and peace.

May Lambert

Product Management