When my granddaughter was little, I used to take her on a walk near our house. Crossing a footbridge over the little creek, I would tell her the story about the troll and the Billy goats. After a while, she began grasping my hand as we crossed. One day, as we were approaching the bridge, she said, “Abba. I have been thinking about trolls.” “Oh?” I said, surprised. “I’ve decided that trolls might be small and not big.” Waiting a moment, she added, “and, trolls might be nice and not mean.” I nodded, admitting this was a possibility. “I have

I see posts on social media nearly every day about immoral lifestyles and ungodly behavior. The writers use scripture to paint a dark picture about the state of things in our country. They usually go on to decry the intellectual struggles of younger Christians and how this reveals their lack of spiritual commitment. And so forth. Fair enough. I too am alarmed about the state of things. In the past, I was an active part of all the denunciation. I stopped. Why? Because I do not believe the church has retained enough moral capital to speak into the moral life